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The CRM module is Now Available

Our Contact Relationship Management (CRM) application lets you track and organize information about your contacts. This can apply to members of your organization, or clients and contacts for your business. 

The fullEdit CRM is a web based application to create contact profiles; record the history of sales, donations, or volunteer hours; track your contact notes and build follow up ticklers; build and store customized lists and groups of people; and organize people into organizational or household groups.


Person Profile

The system starts with the Person Profile. Each person in the system has a profile record to record basic information like names and addresses. The system supports an unlimited number of address, phone, and email entries for each person.

person screen fullEdit CRM

Organization Grouping

Each of the people records can be associated with an organization or household. This way you can keep individual records and histories for members of a household but still keep them grouped together. You can also use this tool to identify the individual members of a company or organization.

People Notes

The notes tab of the profile screen allows you to track comments and contact notes about the people in your system. In addition to the note text, each note records the category or type of note, time stamp, follow up date, and whether the note needs to be flagged for attention. You can then run reports to see note histories sorted by client, staff member recording the notes, category, or follow up date to see a list of to do tasks.

Category Manager

The real power of the system comes from the Category Manager. This is where you define the custom information you need to track about the people in your database. You can build categories, which can be organized into a tree of folders, for each piece of information you need to track. Each category can have a defined data type such as yes/no, text, date, or numeric. You can also build look up lists for the categories where you predefine the possible values. Look up lists can also be dynamically built from other information in your database.

Quick Lists

In order to help organize the various categories you have created, group them into Quick Lists. In the profile screen and query builder pull up the categories you want to see by selecting a Quick List.

Query Builder

The query builder is an extremely flexible tool where you can build lists of people based off of any of the information in the database. First indicate if you will be starting with a saved query or building a new query. Then indicate which Quick List you would like to display in the output of the query. Next, start adding filter criteria to the query. Do this by first indicating what kind of information you want to filter. This could be information from the base person profile, category data, purchase or donation history, etc… Once you have selected the kind of information, the program will prompt you for the appropriate field and value information for the filter. Add as many filters as you want and combine them as AND, OR, XAND, or XOR statements.

This may seem complicated but we provide full training and can set up all the essential queries you will need and save them for you. This way you simply pick the query you need and modify the parameters.

Action List

With the action list, save the list of people you have generated with the query tool and then perform some action on that list such as sending them all an email or doing some kind of mass update to that category of data.

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