Client Case Study: 

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When Allegiance Insurance approached Cedar Mountain, they needed a way to sort and manage their cases, bank reconciliations, and state license changes. We put our best programmers on the job, and created several powerful programs and databases using MS Access.  

The first program we created was for Case Management. To use the program, Alliegence's IT staff generates batches of cases and imports them into our software. The software sorts the information and makes it easy to view, search, and edit. Different users can log in securely, and administrators can customize sorting fields, control individual user access, and the frequency of notifications. Users can be placed into groups, and the software will send custom instructions and notifications to each groups. The database updates automatically, allowing for up-to-date information across all accounts. 

Allegience needed a similar solution for bank reconcilations, so we created a record keeping application. The application allows users to review reconciliations, add/edit reconciliations, and view missing reconciliations. All the information is searchable with customizable and intelligent search fields. The program also enables users to review and send emails to clients that have not sent their reconciliations in for review.

Lastly, we created a platform to keep track of state licensing to ensure that all users were aware of the ever-changing details involved with the licensing process.

The systems have been in use for several years, and will continue to be powerful tools for Allegiance Insurance for years to come.