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Content Management Features

The biggest advantage of fullEdit is the simplicity. All the applications that you might want for the website are available in a drop-down menu on the tool bar in the content editing pages. Here is the list:


Page Builder 

The page builder is available by scrolling down through your navigation tree in the administration panel or on the front end of the site by clicking the edit icon on any page.  The editing icon is of course only displayed to users with appropriate rights. 

Bar Manager 

Bars are content areas of any shape or size that you can manage individually and can add to any page. Columns, headers, floating boxes, or Flash media, the bar manager lets you put content where you want it.

Client Relations Management (CRM)

Manage clients, contacts, members, donors or volunteers with the fullEdit plus people database built into the admin of your website. Run queries, build lists for e-blasts that interface with Constant Contact or just populate spreadsheets for mailing lists or contact lists. At Cedar Mountain Software, we use the CRM module ourselves for tracking projects and customer service.

Custom Video Player

This is a custom built Flash video player with a control panel to easily upload or delete video clips. Manage a library of video files and place them in any content area of the site, all in a player that fits your brand.

Survey and Form Builder

Easily build forms or surveys that, not only allow you to see the results in different exportable reports but, captures important user data in your CRM database.

E-Commerce Store

A full featured E-commerce suite tailored to fit your site. Take live payments, handle shipping and inventory, and build your customer base.

Interactive Event Calendar

An attractive event calendar with an easy to use control panel. Our calendar tool has many features. You can set up different event categories and then create events that are assigned to those categories. Then you can create calendars and assign which event categories should display on that calendar. This way you can maintain multiple calendars on the same site for multiple types of events and you can have other calendars that display all the events together.

Events can link to pages inside or outside of the site and users can comment on events in the calendar.

Ad Manager

A robust tool to create multiple banner ad campaigns on your site.  Users can click to go to a landing page or to another window. Place a rotating ad campaign on any page and receive valuable data regarding ads viewed and click through data. This tool has the potential to create revenue.

File Library

Upload pdf files or other documents to the file library and easily place links to docs anywhere in the site. In the page editor, you have a drop down menu where you can select files from the library to which you want to link.



User Authentication Tool

The User Authentication Tool allows private sections and pages within the site through a sophisticated log in system. fullEdit supports multi-tiered permission systems for both front-end access and back-end administration.

The Cedar Content Slider

This is a  container that displays content in a linear sliding motion. The interesting aspect, about the individual displays, is they are created as pages, which can be used to display images and text or even interactive  elements, as long as they fit in the container.  Here are a few examples of the content slider:
Big Sky Brewery
Cedar Mountain Software Portfolio
Fairmont Hot Springs
Clark Fork School

The Snippet Manager

Social media, Google Maps, You Tube videos - in fact any embedded applications are easy to place anywhere on the site. Copy the code provided by the media site then paste it in the Snippet Manager and it will be available in the tool bar on the editing page. Just place the cursor where you want the item and select it from the drop down menu.

Cedar Slide Slideshow Tool

Create one or many photo galleries and albums and place them anywhere on the site. Features an easy to use image manager.

Complete Blog System

Create rights managed blogs. Place blogs anywhere in your site, on sidebars or pages. When you update the blog, it is updated everywhere.

Donation Campaign Manager

Create multiple donation campaigns. Use online payment with attractive options to support your unique fundraising efforts.

News or Event Ticker

The Events Ticker is a stylish list of items with up and down arrows to scroll through the list. The items consist of a headline and some teaser text. The user can click on the item to be taken to an event page. There is an administrative tool to manage the items on the Ticker list.

E-Tapestry Integration

Cedar Mountain has experience with directing individual and member information collected in the donation, e-commerce and member sign-up modules into the E-Tapestry database.  

Class and Event Registration

Event Registration is built into the E-commerce module so that registrants can pay online when they sign up. Registrants automatically become members or persons in the CRM database capturing the information from the sign up form. 

The course registration tool allows you to set up classes, identify seat availability , and have people register on-line. The administration function controls rosters and gives instructors limited administrator privileges. Instructors can enter grades and control class size limits. The system will not allow registration beyond the class limit. The roster and grades can be exported to spreadsheets to issue cards or for reports.




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