Client Case Study: 
Clearwater Montana Properties

Clearwater Montana Properties is a real estate agency with offices all around the state of Montana. They came to Cedar Mountain with a request to create a functional web site from the attractive graphic design template created by a third party designer. In particular, they were interested in combining all the MLS systems in the state into one common searchable database. Montana currently has nine different MLS districts employing five different software systems.

The MLS systems make their data available through a semi-standardized platform. What we found is that the feeds from each district are similar but they all have their own ways of coding things. The application we built for CMP pulls in the MLS data and images on a nightly basis providing users with an easy way to do searches throughout the state.

Site features include:

  • Automated RETS data feed integration
  • Search by MLS Region or full state
  • MLS lookup
  • webcam integration
  • Tools for associating additional files with specific MLS listings
  • Tools for correcting the city names entered by the thousands of real estate agents creating the source data for the feeds

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Clearwater Montana Properties

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