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Cedar Blogs

A Blog Module that posts throughout your website

The Cedar Post Controller is an application module in fullEdit. This means a post box can appear anywhere in the fullEdit site: in a list of blog teasers on a side bar, as it's own page in the website, or as a part of the home page...

  • This application is rights managed so the site administrator can choose who has the ability to read, write and/or delete posts.
  • Any number of post classes can be created and placed in different locations in the site. When a post is created, the class will be updated wherever it is located in the site.
  • Since posts are created in the content editor, applications can be added to the posts including videos, slideshows, and even interactive forms or surveys that feed information to your CRM member profiles.

Posts on a Landing page

Cedar Blogs Landing Page

Posts in a Side Bar

Cedar Blogs Posts in a Sidebar


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