Clark Fork School Case Study
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Clark Fork School came to Cedar Mountain looking for a database to keep track of students, staff, families, donations, and required parent volunteer hours. When donation management came up for discussion their crucial marketing challenge came into view and we began to see that a new more easily managed website was needed as well.

Cedar Mountain Software implemented a new website with a new sophisticated graphic design in fullEdit Plus that streamlined quite a few of the school's bureaucratic issues and improved the school's marketing and image presentation. The new site is a great tool for the staff (no more printed spreadsheets) and a really useful resource for the parents and the teachers.

This website paid for itself the first month it went live. There were a number of student applications from families moving into town who applied online from out of state.


The Cedar Mountain web development team worked closely with one of our favorite graphic design boutiques for a graphic design that presents the unique qualities of the school. The design features a full width sliding image with poignant messages.

Functionality  -  All the tools used in this project are standard modules of fullEdit Plus.

Content Management
The Clark Fork School site makes full use of the content manager features with a Home page layout and two interior layouts, multiple side bars and content sliders.
More about the content manager

Member Only Pages and Blogs
Teachers post weekly about their class activities that are only seen when parents are logged in. The teachers have made full use of slideshows and video players in their pages. These blogs have replaced the time consuming weekly newsletters. Parents now have a much better idea of the events and programs in their children's classrooms.

Parents can login to update their data profiles.
Parents login to choose and order class photos.
Board meeting minutes can be seen by board members only.

Form Builder
An easy to use tool to put interactive surveys, applications and forms online.
Results can be emailed or exported to the database, spreadsheets, or mailing lists.

The admissions process was streamlined when the staff placed the Preschool and Primary School applications online. Enrollment increased as a result of prospective families being able to apply while their interest was still high.
The Parent Jobs Coordinator was thrilled when the Parent Volunteer Timesheet went online. In the 15 minutes she took to build the form, she eliminated all the paper forms that went out each month.

CRM Database

With the new website the school has done away with spreadsheets and lists. All the students, parents, grandparents, teachers and staff are members in the CRM database. All this information is available online to those members who have been assigned rights. All members can login to review and update their basic information and staff can quickly see information for any member.

The member screen

This is the editable information screen where all the information is available. The quicklists button opens a screen that shows all the custom information... who the person is and what categories the person appears in... student (what years, what programs, etc.), parent (what involvements, etc.).

CRM Member Screen fullEdit content management System


Queries are built to make mailing lists:

Mailing list for Grandparents
Lists of previous donors useful for organizing fundraising
Previous Summer Camp attendees list for next summer sign up
List students and parents to export for online school directory

The Event Calendar

This module is one of the most used tools on the website. Each event category has It's own color to make it easy to find events.



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