Email Setup Instructions

If you want to access your new Cedar Mountain email account follow these instructions:

You will first want to log into our webmail interface at

This way you can confirm the account works.

Log in with the full email address and the password we have provided.

Up in the top right corner, click the icon with the three bars. This opens the settings screen. From here you can change your password.

Next, follow the instructions on the links below to set up your mail client and mobile devices:

Give us a call if you have any problems or questions.


An email app wizard will help you set up your email client on this page.

Note: Most of our setup support calls are related to the following issues:

  • Use the full email address for the username, not just the part before the @ sign.
  • Pay attention to the SSL and port setting instructions.
  • Make sure you have the box checked that says you need to authenticate to send mail.