Missoula in Motion Case Study
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A 'Smart Trips' Interactive Content Managed Website and Database Platform to help promote sensible alternative transportation in your community. Eligible for transportation demand management funding from the Federal Congestion Mitigation Air Quality Program.

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Missoula in Motion is a Transportation Demand Management organization based in Missoula, Montana. Their mission is to promote alternative modes of transportation for commuters.  One of the services they offer is a system for people to track their commuting habits. This system is linked to various prizes, promotions, and other incentives to help further the organization’s mission of encouraging people to commute via biking, walking, and public transit.

During the summer of 2011, the organization was notified that their current web host and developer would be discontinuing service as of September 1st.  The current system had already been patched and retooled a number of times. When they came to Cedar Mountain, it was determined that it would be simpler, cleaner, and improve functionality, if we started over in a new platform.

Cedar Mountain Software developed the site using our fullEdit content management suite with the addition of a number of custom built modules to support the organizations specific need of a 'trip tracking' application.


In this case, the client wished to retain the current look and feel of the site. So the existing site graphic design templates and style sheets were adopted to the fullEdit system with only minimal adjustments.


Trip Logger

The main feature of this site is the trip logging tool. Each user in the system has an account where they can record the number and mode of their commutes.  The application employs an intuitive and graphic interface where user simply clicks buttons to record their trips. The administrators receive extremely granular and detailed information for reporting and analysis.

fulledit content manager custom modules fulledit content manager custom modules


The administrator can create various milestones where commuters get rewards.  The milestones can be based on the count of lifetime or annual trips.  When milestones are achieved the user and admin receive notification.


There are two kinds of reminder messages generated by the system, recurring reminders and inactivity reminders. The recurring reminders serve as weekly and monthly newsletters and the inactivity reminders are sent to individuals who have gone a specified number of days without logging any trips. The reminder messages themselves are created with the simple web page interface. They can be built in advance and scheduled for delivery.


The raffle tool randomly selects a user as the winner of the current raffle. But it also allows the administrator to define the group of eligible members and whether their chances of winning are influenced by the number of trips logged.

Employer Accounts

The system is designed to support employers who wish to manage their own trip logging program. Employers can set up accounts and members can identify that they are employees of that organization. The employer can maintain the information for their employees. They can also view aggregate activity reports and even run their own raffles.

Seamless integration with fullEdit

The custom functionality found in the Missoula in Motion system is seamlessly integrated into the fullEdit Content Management Suite. There is no longer a separate system for maintaining the web content and the member database.

See the Missoula in Motion website


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