Montana Cattlemen's Association Case Study
Content Managed Website with Brand Search, CRM, and E-Commerce

Cattlemen Association Website header

The president of the Montana Cattlemen's Association wanted a content managed website with an online tool to search the state's brand library. She also was tired of using spreadsheets to track her membership data. The fullEdit platform provided her with solutions and a lot more.

  • New logo and graphic design built into the fullEdit content editor
  • Member only login pages
  • E-Commerce module allows for new member signups, renewal payments, conference registration, donations and shopping
  • CRM component to track membership and capture info of users that log in
  • Brand Search Application

The brand search became the association's biggest fundraiser. Here's why.

The Brand Search Tool
After logging in, visitors get three free searches of the database. After the initial use of the database, the searcher must join the organization to continue using it. All of the information is saved in the CRM database.

The core of the system is the search tool which allows users to lookup and browse through the brands listed in the database.

Brandabetical Search Screen, fullEdit Stock Brand Search Tool Brandabetical Search Screen, fullEdit Stock Brand Search Tool
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