Client Case Study:

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When Nutritional Laboratories approached Cedar Mountain Software, they needed a user-friendly system to augment their text-based green screen system. In an industry with hundreds of daily changes, users needed software that was simple to use with a powerful back end. 

Cedar Mountain started by creating a visual interface with instant feedback and large amounts of customization. Individual users can change search and sorting options, and quickly edit and review information. We made it possible for Nutritional Labs to compare current production methods, past production methods, and possible future methods. Users can modify Change Orders to account for item revisions and bill of materials.

Privacy and security is of the upmost importance to Nutritional Labs, so we made a safe and secure login process to protect the information in the database. Proprietary information needed to be further protected, so we made it possible for administrators to limit access for certain users and user groups. We also made it possible for revisions to go through a review process before being placed in the database. 

Nutritional Laboratories can now access their information quickly and easily, and the system is safe and secure. If you'd like to know how we can help your business, please contact us at (406)549-0766.