Our Commitment

Cedar Mountain Software offers you a team of developers with decades of computer experience and an extreme commitment to the success of your organization.  We take great pride in our work because we do everything within our power to provide the best in internet technology for our clients.  To promote quality, we do all of our work locally or in-house and we are always available to respond to your questions or requests. Cedar Mountain Software is a stable force in the ever changing software industry. We are here for you.
Our mission statement:
At Cedar Mountain Software, we love to solve problems, provide solutions, and enthusiastically greet each project as a new opportunity to apply our skills and knowledge. Quality of work and integrity of service are our first priorities.
At Cedar Mountain we are not just selling products off the shelf. We are offering our clients the opportunity to develop a relationship with an IT partner providing consulting, custom programming, and design as well as support for web sites and database applications. With Cedar Mountain Software, currently a team of ten people, the ongoing service relationship gives you access to a project manager, a number of programmers, and a graphic design team. Your entire Cedar Mountain team is focused on supporting you and the success of your project, organization, and/or business.

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