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Rights Management Module

Rights Management, Membership, and User Authentication allows for private sections and pages within the site through a sophisticated log in system. fullEdit supports multi-tiered permission systems for both front-end access and back-end administration.

Most organizations need pages that are not available to the general public. fullEdit gives site administrators the ability to create groups that have permission to see pages that are unavailable to other users. The right to view, edit or delete any page or module can be assigned to one or more groups. In most cases, protected pages and folders only appear in the navigation when permitted users login.

The core of the rights administration module is the rights admin page. This is where the entire permissions system is structured and controlled:

  • Create or delete persons and groups  
  • Assign persons to groups
  • Protect pages and resources on the front end and decide who can administer pages
  • Choose which groups and individuals can see, edit or create/delete pages and resources

Here is a view of the Rights Admin Page:

Rights Administration for fullEdit content management system

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